Rotwand Bio

Rotwand Bio

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  • Extra-soft outsole
  • Reinforcing heel tension element
  • Full leather boot
  • Soft padded leather cuff
  • Extra StraightFit last: provides more space for the toes by allowing the big toes to assume a straighter position
  • Cemented construction, easy to resole
  • Weight in g (shoe size 7-7.5): 660
  • Upper: Chrome-free nubuck
  • Sole: Vibram® Endurance Composole
  • Sole Features: Biodegradable (industrial composting at 70°C) Medium soft Heel shock absorber Full-length cushioning Rounded heel and tip for easy walking motion
  • Lining: Chrome-free leather
  • Gender: Men's
  • Last: Straight fit last
  • Lace length: 160 cm, 6 mm


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