Hanwag Has Made Robust And Long-Lasting Boots With The Time-Honored Double Stitched Technique For Nearly A Century, And We Intend To Keep It That Way In The Centuries To Come.


Not Only Are We One Of The Few Remaining Bootmakers With A Mastery Over This Long-Trusted, Demanding Technique, But We Also Ensure That Each Of Our Double Stitched Boots Are Handmade In Germany With Materials Exclusively Sourced Within Europe.


Just Because A Boot Has Double-Stitching Doesn't Mean The Boot Is Genuinely Double-Stitched.

What Characterizes The Genuine Double-Stitch Technique Is Two Rows Of Stitching Through The Upper—The First Connecting The Upper To The Rib Of The Insole (A Special Lip On The Insole Specifically For Double-Stitching), And The Second Connecting The Upper To The Midsole.

More Specifically, After First Connecting The Upper To The Insole Rib, A Genuinely Double Stitched Shoe Will Have Extra Upper Leather That Is Turned Out To Form A “Lip,” Or Flange That Is Later Pressed To Lay Flat On The Midsole. This Is Called Outflanging. On Certain Models, A Reinforcing Strip (Also Known As A Reverse Welt Or “Norwegian Welt”) May Also Be Stitched To The Outside Of The Flange. The Flange Is Then Secured To The Midsole. As A Result, The Finished Boot Has An Upper Secured By Two Strong Rows Of Stitching.

The Benefit Of Using This Traditional Technique Is That It Is Much Stronger Than Gluing, And Makes The Boot Extremely Robust, Stable, And Easy To Re-Sole Again And Again.

Other Manufacturers Produce “False” Double-Stitched Boots With A Reinforcing Strip, But No Flange, Meaning That Only The Reinforcing Strip Is Attached To The Midsole With The Second Row Of Stitching. On Hanwag Boots, However, A Leather Flange Is A Visible Layer On The Midsole’s Edge.

This Is The Process Of Genuine Double-Stitching. It’s The Only One We’ve Used For Our Double-Stitched Boots For Over 90 Years And We Plan To Preserve This Tradition For Centuries To Come.


In The Past, The Robustness Of Double-Stitched Boots Came At A Price: It Took Ages To Wear Them In. Today’s Comfortable Padding, Soft Leather Lining, And Handcrafted Expertise Mean That Hanwag’s Double-Stitched Boots Can Take As Little As A Day To Wear In – Or As Soon As You Put Them On.


Soft Leather Lining Made Of 100 % Chromeless Tanned Leather, Also Suitable For People Who Are Allergic To Ordinary Leather.


Additional Cushioning Helps This Footwear Feel Comfortable Fast. Gone Are The Days Of Painfully Breaking In A Double Lock Stitch Boot.


Named After Italian "Vittorio Bramani", Probably The Best-Known Manufacturer Of High-End Sole Units. Today, There Are A Number Of Suppliers That Provide Similar Or Equally High Quality Soles.


Impregnated With Special Wax (No Oil Or Fat).